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Digital Presence

ReadyPlanet has been providing digital presence solutions for small, medium, and large businesses in Thailand since 2000. Our three powerful services for digital presence include Vela Website, Shappy Branded App, and Gold Supplier on We are the first do-it-yourself website provider, the first ready-to-use mobile app provider, and the first reseller in Thailand.

Vela Website  

  • Quick and easy to create your own site in just minutes
  • Good for both ecommerce sites and online brochures
  • Connected with social platforms like Facebook and LINE
  • Easy to customize your site with drag-and-drop
  • No programming knowledge required
  • SEO friendly
  • Hundreds of beautiful templates for different types of businesses

Shappy Branded App

  • Ready-to-use mobile app for your business enabling better engagement with your customers and members
  • Customizable micro-functions to fit your business requirements
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Good for both public and internal uses
  • Broadcast and communicate in just few clicks
  • Equipped with many powerful functions like Rewards Points, Flash Sales, Chat, and Address Book


  • A premium membership for suppliers on the world's No.1 international B2B e-marketplace
  • Sales opportunities to 100 million buyers all over the world
  • Automatic translation to 16 languages"
  • Verified digital creditablity conducted by a third-party agency
  • Easy to search for buyers and potential requests for quotation (RFQ)
  • Real-time chat with potential buyers via Trade Manager Instant Messenger

Digital Advertising

Official partners with Google, Facebook, Baidu, and LINE- Integrated and results-oriented digital advertising services- Covering all business objectives such as brand building, lead generation, onine sales, and in-store sales

Google AdWords

  • The first Google Premier SME Partner in Thailand since 2009
  • The winner of Google's Partner Awards 2015 in Highest Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Professionally managed advertising campaigns to consistently drive traffic and leads to your businesses
  • Specialized in all areas of Google advertising including Search, Display, Video, and Mobile
  • Free Google Analytics implementation and analysis reports for all customers
  • Free mobile app to track performance anywhere and any time exclusively for our clients

Facebook Ads

  • The first and only Facebook official reseller for SMEs in Thailand since 2015
  • Expert in all Facebook advertising
  • Competent in utilizing Website Audiences and Custom Audiences
  • Experienced in various industries
  • Less trials and errors
  • Effective budget planning
  • Capturing calls, leads, and inquiries via precise targeting and powerful creatives
  • Free mobile app to track performance anywhere and any time exclusively for our clients

Instagram Ads

  • Best for boosting brand awareness to Instagram users
  • Managed by experienced account managers"
  • Promoting businesses stories to highly engaged audiences with photos, videos, and carousel ads
  • Integrated solutions with Facebook to achieve the goals
  • Free mobile-friendly websites and landing pages for better campaign performance with mobile audiences

Baidu Search Ads

  • The first and only Baidu Search reseller in Thailand since 2013
  • Exposure to 700 million Chinese internet users via the biggest search engine in China
  • Building brand reputation with Baidu Display Network, Baidu Travel, and other channels like China's TV Network (CCTV)
  • Ability to control budget and timing for your advertising campaigns
  • Chinese account managers to guarantee the best results with native senses and cultures

Digital Training

Empowering business owners and digital enthusiasts with various training courses- Instructed by ReadyPlanet's management and team- Sharing knowledge from our real experiences with more than 16,000 clients

Digital Marketing

  • 7 simple steps to perform digital marketing for your businesses
  • Comprehensive, realistic, and hands-on"
  • Up-to-date trends and suggestions to ensure digital readiness for businesses
  • Highlighted stories including how to promote and advertise via today's digital channels like SEM, GDN, Facebook, LINE@ to reach the target audiences

LINE@ for SMEs

  • LINE@ training courses conducted by Certified Trainers directly appointed by LINE Thailand
  • Understanding key features in LINE@ to help businesses connect with followers
  • Learning how to use LINE@ as the most powerful CRM platform to cross-sell, upsell, enable repeat purchase, and engage with loyal customers


  • Facebook for businesses training course with syllabus and materials designed by Facebook
  • Conducted by instructors fully trained by Facebook Singapore"
  • Full of tips and techniques from Facebook
  • Understanding effective strategies, targeting, and optimization from experienced Facebook account management teams
Digital Solutions for Enterprise
We help large enterprises to achieve business goals at the highest performance level using our 17-year experiences and knowledge in digital marketing

  • Vela Website
  • Shappy Branded App
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Baidu Search Ads
  • LINE@
  • VelaConnect
  • Digital Training